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Which Country has a Better Internet?

Each country in the world has their own version of the internet. That is why each country has a different internet speed as well.

With the era of globalization and fast-paced lifestyle, the internet has become one of the most essential things which every person should have. Especially when the unfortunate event of the pandemic hits the globe, the activity of working from home and having online classes is a must as a social distancing measure. 

Adding on with the lockdown restriction of not being able to enjoy meals from our favourite restaurants any more, the demand for food delivery increases every day. Hence, the use of the internet, other than being an online learning tool, can also offer the service of online shopping and food delivery, around the world. 

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When your internet connection is experiencing problems, have you ever wondered whether it’s just you or there are other people who face the same problem? Well, each country in the world has their own version of the internet. That is why each country has a different internet speed as well. 

Often times, the speed of the internet doesn’t rely on the countries’ economic, social, or political credentials. If the country put an utmost importance to the availability of the internet for their citizens, then the speed would increase. So, don’t be surprised when you pay such a high price for the internet in your own country, but you can get better and faster ones in another country – with the same or even cheaper price. 

Interestingly, the speed rate for mobile internet and fixed broadband are different for each country as well. Mobile internet has low latency as it offers high-speed internet access, focusing on mobile phone networks like 4G or 5G. While fixed broadband acts like a satellite as it comes from base stations – the backbone of the internet. 

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Based on the recent reading on Ookla, the top 5 countries with fast mobile internet speed are:

  1. United Arab Emirates (195.52 Mbps)
  2. South Korea (192.16 Mbps)
  3. Norway (173.54 Mbps)
  4. Qatar (169.17 Mbps)
  5. China (163.45 Mbps)

While the top 5 countries with the fastest internet for fixed broadband are:

  1. Singapore (262.20 Mbps)
  2. Hong Kong (254.40 Mbps)
  3. Monaco (242.89 Mbps)
  4. Switzerland (222.00 Mbps)
  5. Thailand (221.00 Mbps)

Of course, most of these countries are known for their developed state. However, no matter where you’re from, it is not an excuse to experience a bad internet connection. Even in Malaysia, there are many internet providers that can offer different levels of internet speed. TM Unifi is one of the many internet service providers available. Unifi internet also has different packages to choose from. Whatever you may choose, as long as you have an internet speed that will enhance your lifestyle, you will stay connected – always. 

You can test out your internet speed at any speed tester available online, or visit Speedtest.net. More articles like this here

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