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What Is The Purpose Of Search Engine Optimization?

A simple understanding of the purpose of search engine optimization is to get a better ranking for your website so that you can get traffic. But a one-sided understanding is not conducive to learning the techniques of search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the use of search engine rules to improve the ranking of a website in the search engines.  In simple terms, it is the analysis of search engine ranking rules to optimize the website, so that the website has a good ranking in each search engine.  The deeper understanding is that through seo such a set of search engine based marketing ideas for the website like Republic malaysia to provide ecological self-marketing solutions, so that the website in the industry to occupy a favorable position, so as to gain more revenue. Search engine optimization is the study of the ranking mechanisms of the major search engines. In order to obtain a natural ranking on search results and to improve the ranking of your website for keywords. This results in more traffic and more users. If the website is ranked, but no users browse, there is no traffic, so the website has no meaning even if the ranking.

So, what can search engine optimization bring to a website?

Boosting website traffic  

The most common goal of the search engine is to get a good ranking of the site, so as to obtain a large amount of traffic. And to get such a shop effect, we must follow the principles of the search engine, the code of the website, text descriptions, links for detailed optimization, so that the website can get a good ranking in the search engine, so as to get a lot of views, and enhance the exposure of the website. 

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Enhancing the user experience  

In addition to the traffic that can be obtained, search engine optimization also needs website function, structure, page layout, content and other elements of reasonable design, so as to meet the needs of users and enhance the user experience.  User experience optimization and a lot of, in general is after the user experience optimization of the site, the user can quickly and easily browse the site shop information. There are many specific forms of performance, such as user needs for the navigation of the site design, the convenience of site navigation, page open speed, reasonable page layout, rich information and can effectively solve the user needs, so that users trust the site more.  

Increasing conversion rates  

The ultimate purpose of search engine optimization is to improve the conversion rate, which can bring benefits to the enterprise, this is the most important. Some SEO novices only consider the user experience and ranking, thus ignoring the conversion rate, resulting in the benefits of the website not being very good.  In short, SEO people must remember that website ranking and user experience are all for the sake of conversion rate.

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