You understand what that means to be “safe and prepared rather than sorry” as a parent. Have some electric breast pump malaysia too. Let’s take a deeper look at the necessities that every parent should have.


You will undoubtedly have had to deal with such a sick child at some point. When you have infections or other dangerous illnesses like measles or chickenpox, you should always see your doctors or medical practitioner. However, there are certain small occurrences that you may readily handle at home. Here are the essential items that every parent must have in their medical cabinet at home!

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  • Saline Nasal Drops or Spray for Babies – For an infant, a stuffy nose is almost as bad as suffocating. It’s a huge relief for a newborn to be able to breathe normally once more.
  • Vaseline is an excellent protector and moisturizer for dealing with dry skin and avoiding rashes in the diaper region. It may also be used to treat minor scrapes and scratches.
  • Rectal Thermometer – This is especially important if your kid is under 10 weeks old. It’s the cleanest and most precise way to take a baby’s temperature, and they don’t seem to mind at that age.
  • Pain medication – If your baby is under the age of six months, you should consult your doctor. Ibuprofen for babies works nicely in babies older than 6 months. It is extremely beneficial for teething babies since it includes anti-inflammatory properties, especially at night when the baby needs to sleep and rest.
  • A washcloth is used for more than simply washing in this case. A cold towel that teething babies can bite provides excellent relief.

First Aid Kit for Babies

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Alcoholic cleaning pads, antibiotic cream, antiseptic wipe, bandages, hand sanitizer, sterile gauze, and tweezers are all included in a basic first aid kit for newborns.


Be prepared with the following necessary items to deal with illness or an accident when it strikes at the most inconvenient time. Always get medical advice before using any drug. The requirements for newborns stated above should also be included in your medical supplies for the rest of the family.

Let’s look at the other supplies you’ll require:

  • Manual or guidance on first aid
  • a sterile eye patch
  • Tape that sticks
  • Eye drops for allergies
  • Antibacterial cream


Most experienced parents are likely to have a purse that resembles Mary Poppins’. Whatever the scenario, they can usually find something there to help or at least bring some temporary consolation. It can practically take care of basic necessities and little crises in a flash. Look at this list to see how easy it is:

Your bag or handbag should be roomy and comfy. It’s even better if it has a pair of zippered side and interior pockets.

  •  Put a key clip on the strap of your purse. This manner, your keys are always within reach and you can avoid losing them.
  • Even if you have your debit or credit card with you, you never know when you’ll need cash.
  • Phone – Just like your keys, make sure it’s accessible at all times and in any scenario without having to dig through your luggage.
  • Stationary bag — A little stationary bag with pens, scissors, and a glue stick in case you need a pen, which occurs all too frequently.
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