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Is it Important Insurance for Children?

What is Insurance Policy?

There are many terms that are closely related to insurance, one of which you may often hear is an insurance policy. An insurance policy is an insurance agreement that occurs between the insurer (insurance company) and the insured (insurance customer). It consists of an agreement of all rights and obligations between the two parties. This will be valid written evidence in the agreement made by the insurer and the insured. Using this insurance policy means that both parties who sign and carry out the insurance agreement are bound and have each responsibility according to what has been agreed from the beginning. This is important in insurance services because the policy serves to protect every right and obligation of the customer and the insurance company.

The importance of an insurance policy, then you must ensure that you understand the entire contents of the insurance policy. You should read the details on the written insurance policy before signing it. This is done to prevent a number of losses that could arise in the future from the customer or the company.

Do you need insurance for children?

Being a parent must have crossed your mind if you are not always in a productive period. There will be times when you get old and retire from work. This encourages you to think about enrolling your child in insurance such as education insurance. Surely you want to make sure your child gets the education they need for the future, right? buy an insurance policy for children Malaysian.

Education funds must be prepared as early as possible so that you as a parent do not get confused when your child starts school. Because according to data, the average cost of education continues to rise every year. School fees will be more expensive based on the level.

Using education insurance can be an alternative for you to prepare children’s education costs that can reach hundreds of millions, even billions of rupiah.

Here are the main reasons why insurance for children is important:

1. Lighten the burden of education costs

Insurance products can be disbursed if they are declared due in accordance with the period specified at the beginning of the agreement. In this way, your child’s future is guaranteed. You can feel calmer and can send your children as high as possible without being hindered by expensive education costs.

2. Including one investment

Education insurance is a combination of savings with term life insurance. Deposit funds will be a guarantee for children’s education which means you invest money in education insurance products. Of course, there are benefits or returns from the investments you make. Instead of running out of money for non-essential expenses, it’s better to transfer it to child education insurance. However, no one can guarantee if this investment can run successfully, make a profit, or even a big loss. Therefore you need to make sure the right insurance company and product.

3. Protection

When a child is sick and requires him to be hospitalized, the child’s insurance will help you pay for the treatment costs. The amount of funds given depends on the amount stated in the policy agreement between you and the insurance company. The advantage is that you will definitely be helped financially when paying for hospital fees because of insurance benefits for children.

In short, insurance for children is important. We do not know what will happen in the future, but as parents of course we want to give the best for our children.

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