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Instructions For Use

Vibrating eggs are known to help you achieve fast and intense orgasms, but the fun doesn’t stop there. If you are not very clear about the proper way to use them, the answer is as simple as there is no right or wrong way. It is about experimenting and finding the use that best suits your tastes and that generates the best feelings for you.

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The first time you use an egg vibrator, you will likely reach orgasm quickly. Just experiment with using the egg in some areas and in other areas until you find which one gives you the most pleasure. Above all, don’t be afraid of feeling new things.

First of all, you should be in a position that is comfortable for you, either lying on your back or on your stomach. Turn the vibrator on low power and start using it to gently brush your erogenous zones, such as your nipples, inner thighs, and around your vagina. An ideal complement to the use of vibrating eggs is the lubricant. The right amount of lubricant can make a big difference when using this Malaysia top sex toys, especially on the clitoris, so once you’ve gotten used to the sensation of vibration, apply a little lubricant to the egg, vagina, and vagina. Clitoris and begin to gently rub the device up and down your vaginal area. Start with the power to the minimum and gradually increase the pressure until you reach the point where you are most comfortable. Remember that you must relax and above all … Enjoy!


Egg vibrators allow you to determine exactly where you want the vibrations to take place. Some women have found that one side of their clitoris is more sensitive than another, while other girls prefer to stimulate somewhere just above or below the area discussed by the former. As an additional point, in addition to experiencing what we have just mentioned, you can try applying the egg vibrator on your clitoris while you are making love. Which will make you reach orgasm in a more powerful way.

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