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4 World’s Richest Casino

Casinos generate lots of profit due to the overwhelming response and needs from visitors every year. There are more and more thrilling casinos around the world offering the ultimate luxurious luxury – and not just in Las Vegas.

Did you know the highest grossing casinos are all located in Asia? Lets look at this list of casinos that rake in lots of money that contributes to its lavish and extravagant casino site.

  1. The Galaxy Macau

Seven of the top ten casinos are located in Macau, by gross income. It is not shocking that about half of Macau’s economy revolves about gambling.

The Galaxy Macau is flowing with luxury. It was opened in May 2011 and has cost almost $2 billion to build. It also provides plenty of other things to do beyond its casino. 

You can choose from six hotels to stay, dine at one of over 120 restaurants, swim in Macau ‘s largest swimming pool, indulge in a luxury spa, book a private movie with your own butler in attendance among many others.

If you’re gambling at a casino, The Galaxy Macau offers anything you may want. They have over 1,500 slot machines, and over 400,000 square feet of 650 table games.

All this, in terms of sales, has made the Galaxy Macau the most profitable casino in the world.

  1. The SJM Grand Lisboa, Macau

The SJM Grand Lisboa opened in February 2007, is the tallest building in Macau, and one of the most striking while also located just near the Galaxy Macau.

The SJM Grand Lisboa is the only place in the world to have four Michelin-starred restaurants under one roof, if you enjoy fine dining. They have 400 hotel rooms, 14 restaurants and an assortment of shows and concerts available. You can also see The Star of Stanley Ho, the world’s largest cushion-shaped gem, while you’re there.

Besides, their casino also offers 1,000 slot machines and 850 tables to play with. In 2014, the total revenue that they profited is $3.82 billion dollars.

  1. City of Dreams, Macau

In June 2009, City of Dreams opened in Macau. It currently has 4 hotels with more than 1,400 rooms and suites for guests. There are 20 restaurants and bars, and a two-level retail center of 175,000 square feet.

Some of the allure in City of Dreams are the gigantic virtual aquarium with a mermaid show, a dome-shaped theatre, called The Bubble and the House of Dancing Water show. If you are bringing your little ones too, they also provide you an indoor and outdoor play area just for them!

Where gambling is needed, there are 520 gaming tables and 1,350 slot machines spread over 420,000 square feet. All these magnificent features help them gain revenue with the total of $3.72 billion in 2014.

  1. The Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn Las Vegas, which spreads the Las Vegas Strip over 215 acres, has cost $2.7 billion to build. It opened its doors in April 2008. The casino offers a playroom of 189,000 square feet, with over 165 table games and 2,000 slot machines.

Other stunning features here at The Wynn are the more than 4,750 hotel rooms making it the world’s largest hotel. The country’s first Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant is amongst the dining choices. 

You can choose to see a Cirque du Soleil show for entertainment, or see top performing musicians and comedians. Besides, you can also enjoy two indoor nightclubs or party in the outdoor beach club at night

In addition, The Wynn has designed a massive waterfall in the heart of the desert that flows into a three acre pool.


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The reason the U.S. doesn’t have any of the world’s top-ranking casinos could well be that there are so many overall casinos in it. 

According to Business Wire, “Thirty-nine states have some form of casino gaming and twenty states have big, stand-alone casinos.” That’s a lot of competition for those dollars that play.

All in all, if you’re eager to take tons of money from these high grossing casinos around the world, don’t forget to brush up your gambling skills at the best online casino Malaysia now!